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At Urban Roots Self Defense we provide a place where you can learn Krav Maga, have fun in the experience, make a commitment to learning, and use the knowledge as a stepping stone to an improved self, family and community. Students will leave the gym with an experience that will last a lifetime. We aim to instill awareness and educate the public of the needs and benefits of self defense training. You will train in the best self defense skills tailored to your needs, where you can defend yourself and your loved ones. Our expert Hillsboro trainers empower students by building self confidence & motivate and provide the tools, safe environment, and atmosphere for fitness and healthy weight loss. Regardless of your past experience with training we want the opportunity to give you the best experience possible

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I have practiced martial arts for over 15 years. I have studied under several instructors. I first met Cal a little over a year ago when I began studying Krav Maga. Cal is one of the best instructors I have ever met and have the privilege of training under. Cal brings a unique style of positive energy, hardcore intensity, and extensive knowledge to every class. If you are new to martial arts or if you have been around for awhile, Cal will make you feel welcomed and is guaranteed to give you an awesome experience!

Matt F.

Cal is one of the best Krav Maga instructors I have ever had! He has such passion for his work and truly cares about each and every student. He gives personal attention to everyone and makes sure they reach their goals and improve. He has taught me lifesaving skills that I take with me everyday. After one class with him and many other classes, I was hooked. I am so happy he gets to spread his Krav Maga wisdom with a new gym. Lots of love and I wish you the best!

Sherrylyn L.

Cal is amazing, his gym is great! Try it out once and you probably won't be able to stop. Cal has such a positive attitude. Doesn't matter what skill level you at at, Cal will help you get to the next level. I got injured a few times and Cal coached me back and adjusted workouts. True leader and someone you can trust which is nice when you are really out of shape like I was when I started with them. Wish he was still in the Bay Area so you all are really lucky to have him!

Jennifer B.

I trained with Cal starting over 10 years ago. He knows his stuff. He gives top notch Krav training. I've had to use my Krav training in the real world 3 times and each time my Krav training has kept me and my loved ones safe. Five stars for Krav, and five stars for Cal, but only because they won't let me give more. If you're looking for a fun way to learn self defense and to get in shape, I highly recommend trying out Urban Roots Self Defense!

Jordan B.

I trained with Cal for two years from intro Krav to advanced sparring. He is very patient and you can tell he teaches with a passion. After our sparring classes, he would sit with us and have us discuss what we did well (along with other students), and what we need to work on. He would make his observations, and the students would have goals for the following weeks class. This motivated me because it shows he really cares about your progress.

James C.

I trained under Cal for over 4 years in the Bay Area and you really can't get a better instructor than him. He's patient, kind, very knowledgeable, and loves what he does. He wants you to succeed and will cheer you on every step of the way. You will benefit immensely by training with him.

Lyssa V.

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