Train The Way You Want To Perform

Train the Way You Want to Perform

Training in the way you want to perform in a self-defense situation sounds like an easy task; But it is not always an intuitive task, especially for new practitioners. We must remember the main principles needed to succeed in a violent encounter.


Be Aware (Scan)

Being aware is essential to preventing a potentially bad situation from the beginning. A large part of being aware is knowing when you need to dial up your awareness and when you can dial it down. In the case of everyday life, awareness can be at a lower level, but still present. If you are in a potentially dangerous part of town or there are individuals that may pose a threat to you, your awareness must increase. These should be a day to day habit for us, especially anyone who is serious about self-defense.

When you are training, especially when striking the pad or sparring, you must dial your awareness up as high as possible, while keeping your scanning (looking around) very subtle. Being aware during training is crucial. It may not be the most significant thing you feel, as you are in a safe environment, but it is still fundamentally important. By building this habit of awareness, it will allow you to avoid situations like getting sucker punched from a third-party attacker or tripping and falling during a fight. It will also allow you to spot your nearest exit, or grab nearby objects that could be improvised as a weapon, should the situation call for it.


Defend and Train with Intention

Defending yourself should never be taken lightly. If you are practicing after an exhausting day at work, you must have stronger focus during training. Poor execution of techniques due to tiredness or exhaustion can be devastating to your self defense training. During training, you must be present and off autopilot.

Although training can be more challenging on these long days, it is very useful. Dangerous encounters often happen when you have had a long and demanding day. You may not be as aware as you typically are if you’re tapped out of energy and focus. You may also have a harder time de-escalating a potential altercation.


Escape Quickly

Escaping is one of the most important things we can do in a self-defense situation. It sounds simple enough to run away before the situation occurs or after you delivered a powerful barrage of counter attacks. During training, you must finish your technique with an escape toward the nearest exit. It is very natural to want to see what happened to your opponent after sending your counter attacks, but escaping is essential. If you do not escape quickly, your attacker may recover and pull out a weapon or you may get attacked from another person. It is also possible that you may be seen as the aggressor, especially if you’ve taken a weapon away from your assailant. The sooner that you transition from striking to escaping, the more effective your self defense will be overall.


Act Without Hesitation

Making decisions and acting with clarity will enable you to truly defend yourself and others. Knowing the principles of self defense will allow you to make serious decisions with limited information. It is not abnormal for someone to try to figure out why a situation is occurring during an attack. In that moment, all you need to know is that it is happening and you must decide what to do and act quickly without hesitation.


Learning the principles and techniques of self defense is fundamentally important; But it is up to the individual to put it together and apply it in the real world when they need it most.


Train Hard and Be Safe!

-Cal Garbini-




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