Knife Defense Seminar

Learn How To Defend Against A Knife Attack And Stay Out Of Harm's Way

A knife attack can be one of the easiest ways for someone to catch you off-guard and inflict harm in a matter of seconds. At Urban Roots Self Defense, we're here to help you stay prepared. 

We are proud to host a comprehensive Knife Defense Seminar on September 22nd from 2 - 5 pm with instruction that is perfect for all experience levels. Don't miss out on your chance to learn real-world self-defense like never before. 

What's Included In Our Knife Defense Seminar?

We here to help you stay ready for whatever life throws your way. Our Knife Defense Seminar is the perfect way for men and women all across the community to improve their situational awareness and react to a threat without wasting a second.

At Urban Roots Self Defense, you can learn:

  • What to expect during a knife attack
  • Effective ways to use your surroundings to your advantage
  • Strategies for escape from a violent encounter
  • Strategies for when escape is not an option
  • Incredible disarming tools and techniques  

This seminar is great for all skill levels. We're helping you prepare for any situation and face your everyday life with complete confidence.

Reserve Your Spot Today For Our Knife Defense Seminar In Hillsboro

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity. We're offering hands-on self-defense skills like nobody else can. This seminar will be held on September 22nd from 2 - 5 pm. Admission is $70 for Urban Roots members and $85 for the public.  

Just fill out the short form on your screen to reserve your spot for our Knife Defense Seminar today!

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