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Learn Serious Self-Defense Tactics With Krav Maga At Urban Roots

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Try some of the most engaging workouts in Hillsboro while learning valuable self-defense skills with our Krav Maga Classes at Urban Roots Self Defense and Fitness. In this program, you will learn to defend yourself and prevent life-threatening situations.

Krav Maga's originates from the Israel Defense Forces. It has since been evolved and adapted to be employed by everyone from soldiers to civilians training to protect themselves and the people they love. At Urban Roots, we aim to help you learn the discipline's simple and efficient fighting techniques while also training you to be prepared for a high-stakes real-world encounter.

Krav Maga Offers Efficient Techniques For All Ability Levels

Krav Maga is based on simple movements and combatives that are efficient and effective. Regardless of your experience level with the discipline or overall athletic ability, Krav Maga offers you an opportunity to stay protected. During each of our Hillsboro Krav Maga Classes, you'll learn techniques and counter attacks like:

  • Defenses vs. common grabs, chokes, headlocks, bearhugs and more
  • Build a strong striking foundation to enable vicious counter attacks
  • Learn to defend yourself against multiple and weapon wielding attackers

Stay Prepared For Any Situation

Our training is also designed to improve your awareness and help you leverage your environment in a self-defense situation. Whether it's an attacker or an intruder, danger can surprise you out of nowhere. Our highly skilled instructors will help you keep a clear mind during these confrontations, allowing you to rely on your training and newfound strategies to stay safe. 

Give our Hillsboro Krav Maga Classes a try today! For more information on these or any other classes at Urban Roots, simply fill out the form on the right side of the page and we'll take it from there!

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