Hillsboro Bootcamp Training

Improve Your Fitness Level With Our Urban Conditioning Classes

Build a stronger, fitter you for the everyday activities you love with our Hillsboro Urban Conditioning Classes at Urban Roots Self Defense and Fitness. Designed for all ages and abilities, our conditioning classes will help you meet and exceed your fitness goals. 

Our highly skilled instructors will work with you to learn or improve the essential mechanics necessary to enjoy everyday activities and essential movements for navigating an emergency situation like climbing, vaulting, moving or carrying injured persons, fighting, or escaping/maneuvering through emergency situations. 

You'll leave each conditioning session feeling:

  • Stronger
  • Fitter
  • More self-confident

Our Bootcamp Classes Offer A Supportive, Welcoming Environment 

We encourage members of the Hillsboro community of all ages and ability levels to take advantage of our Urban Conditioning Classes. Join a supportive community that wants to help you reach your goals. We foster a collaborative environment at Urban Roots that will encourage you to:

  • Stay motivated week after week
  • Celebrate your gains and work through setbacks
  • Develop a plan with specific goals in mind 

PLUS, enjoy weeknight scheduling and a midday Saturday workout each week!

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