Women's Self Defense Seminar

Learn How To Defend Yourself In Any Situation With Our Women's Self Defense Seminar

Don't face life unprepared. Women deal with unique threats in everything they do and our team at Urban Roots Self Defense is helping you stay ready. Our Women's Self Defense Seminar will help you react at a moment's notice and maintain clear mind in high-stress situations. Perfect for all experience levels! 

Join us in Hillsboro on July 14th and protect yourself once and for all. The seminar will be held from 2 - 4:30 pm. 

Self Defense Hillsboro

What Can You Expect?

Our goal is to cover all the most vulnerable aspects of a woman's life. From a random attacker to a home invasion and everything in between, you'll be prepared to act with power and precision.

Our Women's Self Defense Seminar covers: 

  • Combative training
  • Defenses against common attacks on women
  • Optional scenario-based training 

You'll be surrounded by a great group of friends and supporters as you learn how to defend yourself against anything life throws your way.

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Our Women's Self Defense Seminar is the perfect way to prepare yourself for any real-world situation. Join us at Urban Roots Self Defense and take on this incredible seminar today!

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